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M.A.G.Y. the organisation depicts a lot of very recognisable tell tale signs of fossils on Mars. Through study of Earths Past and how life becomes fossilized, it becomes apparent that the anomalies on Mars give way to a very plausible chance that life could of existed on the Red Planet.

Planet Mars is a cold, sandy place with little atmosphere but it once had – Heat, Water (oceans/ rivers), a much larger atmosphere and more. The biggest volcano found in the solar system is Olympus Mons on planet Mars. Combined with the planets other volcanos then Mars could of had warmth. An eruption from this monster volcano would of killed all life on Planet Mars, burying everything in lava and volcanic ash.

There is, a Global race to get to Planet Mars and the next NASA rovers mission has been announced to be ‘hunting for fossils’. The Rover2020 will cost billions of $ so that it can scour the surface for biosignatures. They must of forgot to pack the equipment to do this on the previous rovers! 😉
Unless The Space Agency have seen something so obvious to be evidence of past life, then why else spend all that money to send a rover to mars to search for fossils?

We firmly believe that NASA/ JPL images are released to the public, for the public, to make their own minds up on, but only on pre-selected images that give hints to the dead planets past inhabitants.

M.A.G.Y. stands by the Theory that Planet Mars once had life similar to Earths prehistoric ages. Perhaps Planet Mars evolved in parallel to Earthand that what ever destroyed Earths dinosaurs also destroyed the dinosaurs on Planet Mars.

Without disappointing, Martian Alien dinosaurs on Mars, is plausible. Land, Ocean and Sky animals/ creatures at the very most. No Structures on Mars. No space vehicles on Mars. No bases on Mars. No civilisation on Planet Mars. Just good old fossils on, The Dead Planet.


David Attenborough Origins First Life is the first half to the video which is broken to help explain the fossilisation that we see on Planet Mars. Life on Mars was evident all over the dead planet. planet Mars had water and habital conditions a long time ago. Djorbitek youtube channel links Earths Evolution to Planet Mars. Trace fossils, dinosaurs, reptilians, fish, marine fossil, fossil bones, skull on Mars, Face on Planet MARS, humanoids on MARS, lizard on MARS, Turtle on MARS. Fossils everywhere on the Red Planet MARS

Fossils on MARS
MARS Fossils