Martians of Mars The Alien Grave Yard


Has NASA found a fossilised grave yard on MARS?

If you seek the truth then the truth is often staring right at you.

You can zoom in to any of the MARS Rover (Curisoity, Spirit, Opportunity) Raw Images and you will also see for yourself this new found evidence of past life on MARS.

I believe MARS used to be teaming with life. I believe a major event in history totally wiped out most of life on MARS in one foul swoop. Based on the way the body’s of fossils are casually strewn all over the place then it would appear these extraterrestrials were not prepared or aware for the devastation that hit their planet.

Is this NASA’s way of telling the public by leaving the images in the public domain but without actually having to physically announce it?

All these people saying ‘why wont NASA tell us anything’, well perhaps they are. You just have to look for it yourself.

All Images are direct from the NASA archives.




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